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​Featured rental properties:

Why Real Estate

We get this question on a daily basis, "Why Real Estate" over all the various types of investments like the stock market and the answer is very simple. Not only does over 80% of all millionaires own some type of real estate, but along with all the tax shelters, monthly passive cash flow, amortization and appreciation, we are building the community that provides safe and affordable living for our tenants. 

The misconception about "passive" income that we have all heard about, is that in the beginning, this is definitely not "passive" to say the least. It takes a lot of long hours and discipline educating yourself about the various paths that fits your long term goals.

Once you've put in the time educating yourself  you need to start:

  • searching/analyzing as many deals as possible that fit your criteria

  • networking with realtors/brokers/investors and putting in offers

  • closing the deal

  • having the right team in place (lawyers, cpa, contractors, etc)

  • managing the deal

  • exiting the deal (our recommendations - refinance cash out, 1031 exchange)

This may seem overwhelming at first, but DON'T WORRY we are here to help you out through this process. We have helped many investors through this process and will do the same for you!


The Analysis - Our Financial Model:

With the daunting task of finding a deal that makes financial sense, whether a Single Family House or a Multi-Million Dollar Apartment Complex, we have built a financial model that we run all of our analysis through and will do the same for your FREE of charge. We have provided a CASE STUDY on our site that gives you an idea of the various metrics we take into account that are displayed in an easy to understand visualization with tables/charts to make informed key decisions!

Property Management - CLR Property Management Group:

With owning real estate comes the daily management/maintenance of the property that you or a third party will be doing. This by far is one of the most important aspects of investing because poor management could potentially wipe out all or a substantial portion of your cash flow.


Our sister company "CLR Property Management Group" was created for this very purpose, to not only protect the cash flow of our investments, but for those investing down in the Macon/Middle Georgia area as well. 

We Buy Houses/Apartments:

We are rapidly expanding our current portfolio holding (36 units) and always looking for motivated sellers that are going through:

  • financial hardship

  • divorce

  • owe outstanding taxes

  • extensive repair needed

  • tired of managing and ready to retire

  • health problems

If the deal makes sense and both parties agree on the terms, we can close very quickly. Sometimes if the properties doesn't fit in our portfolio, we have a very extensive investor base that are constantly looking for deals in any condition. With our synergy of relationships, you the seller, will be able to leverage our knowledge base and connections to alleviate your property problems.


Overall, we are here to solve and assist real estate investors, current/potential tenants and those willing to get rid of that problem property you have been holding on to for so long.


With our in depth experience and relationships we've built over the years, we are here to help investors, tenants and property sellers along the way.


Whether it be to hit those return on investment (ROI) goals for investors, find a non"Slumlord" property for you and your family or get rid of that problem house/apartment so you can go on that dream vacation, we are here to help!


Buy & Hold Investing

Our Portfolio includes 36 units:

  • 19 unit Apartment Complex

  • 16 unit Apartment Complex

  • 1 Single Family Reside

Property Management

​We manage our own portfolio as well as for other investors as well. Along with day to day management we provide quarterly financials

We Buy Houses/Apartments

​Any condition we or our investors will buy your home with a QUICK close guaranteed! 

Deal Analysis Consultations

FREE of charge we will work your deal through our financial model providing our expertise and projections spanning from 1 - 30 years out

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