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Curtis Rouse Jr., Founder

Started investing back in 2015 with 1 Single Family House and now oversees an expanding portfolio compiling of 36 units and property management company. He currently resides in the metro Atlanta area, specifically Lawrenceville, GA but all of his investing is done is the Macon/Middle Georgia area where he is yielding higher ROI's and more opportunities to grow his portfolio to 1,000 units by December 31, 2026. He knows there are many other markets that yield the same or similar returns, but has yet to find the location/trustworthy partner(s) to expand with these compressing cap rates we are seeing across the market. His whole team is down in Macon, Georgia as well that includes property manager, lawyer, cpa, contractors and broker(s) which makes investing a lot easier, but definitely not passive to say the least. He definitely wants to venture out if the right partner were to come along that could provide this type of infrastructure in another market, so I'm always open for a discussion if you have a deal.


With that being said, he is looking for other like minded investors to network with that I can learn and possibly do numerous deals with down the road as long as the numbers, location, partnership structure, reliability and trust is there. His main focus are apartment complexes that yield a 10% COC return with a value add play to double his money in 3 -5 years. He is definitely not afraid of major rehabs, but I would definitely like to be cash flowing from Day 1.


He has built an extensive financial model that we use daily to analyze deals and help other investors that range from small Single Family House to the larger Multi Family apartments. When analyzing deals he take a very conservative approach accounting for any and all expenses involved with the property like vacancy, insurance, maintenance, taxes, management, capex and other miscellaneous items that might appear on the P&L. The model also includes a 30 year proforma, gross potential income (take a weight average based on units/bdr/bths/rents), value add component to force appreciation, investor relations (determines what and if you can pay investors - 30 years out), the exit (what you will make if selling/re-fi out in 5, 10, 20 or 30 years for yourself and investors) and many charts/graphs tied to the financials for visualization. With this value add strategy, he plans on cash out refinancing and keep reinvesting into larger properties with the intent to hold forever as long we are returning $125 - $150 cash flow per unit or somebody comes and gives us an outrageous offer we can't refuse.


His long term goals (10+ years) are to build a passive portfolio of 5,000 rental units by bringing like minded investors from all across the world that want more than just an average 6% return from the market, want an amazing tax shelter to build and grow wealth and most importantly care about impacting the communities in our neighborhoods that is built on integrity and trust. Adding to his long term goals, he would like to franchise his management company as he is currently building the foundation with the help of his property manager.


So not only does he want to create jobs and increase his bottom line, but to help other investors with their investing acquisitions and property management issues as well. Educating and helping others achieve their financial freedom is at the forefront of his objectives because that is what his late father left for him, a foundation.


Feel free to contact him at anytime to network and share our ideas because as the old saying goes, "it's not what you know, it's who you know."

Take care and God bless!!!

Chantile Fields, Lead Acquisition & Property Manager 

She leads our property acquisition when calls come in as we are aggressively looking to expand our portfolio. This involves talking with motivated sellers on a daily basis and being their focal point of contact throughout the process, showing the property to potential investors and dealing with the project management when needed by our investors. 

She also leads our property management company, CLR Property Management Group, overseeing tenant collections, showings, applications, contractors and training new employees.

With over 7 years experience in property management and customer service, she is easily able to multi task and excel at any and all situations within our business. 


We are here to help!!!



PO Box 492924, Lawrenceville, GA 30049


Thanks! Message sent.

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