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Deal Analysis

Case Study #1: Premier Club (88 units)


  • Down payment: 25%

  • Amortization: 30 year

  • Balloon: 5 year

  • Interest Rate: 5%

  • Expense Inflation (YOY): 3% increase

  • Forced Appreciation Cap Rate: 7%

  • Investor Interest: 8%

  • Depreciation: Includes land value

  • Proforma Rents (P&L - YOY)): 3% increase

  • The Exit (sell/refinance): Sell

*With our financial model we built, the assumptions can easily be changed to determine the best and worst case scenario at our disposal giving confidence to make informed purchasing decision


*This type of depth analysis is essential when going to banks for financing, raising capital from private investors and ultimately determining the velocity of capital back into your pocket for the next deal. If this seems overwhelming, let us help or network with other investors doing the type of investing you're involved in to help run the numbers.

*We are here to help FREE of charge with your deal analysis, so please reach out to us for any questions you may have at anytime! In order to provide an accurate analysis of your deal, we will need the trailing 12 and rent rolls (if applicable) to get us started.

*If the deal makes sense with the right partner(s) and location, who knows, we are more than willing to partner.  Our goal of 1,000 units by December 31th, 2026 cannot be done alone, so we will be looking for reliable strategic partners along the way.

*HAVE A QUESTION??? Contact us in the below forum


P&L Statement (1 - 30 years)

Company Returns

Investor Relations

*As you can see, this isn't a good deal at this price, so let us show you what will be on your next investment so you won't over pay leading to less than desirable returns!!!
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